Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

2011 was a year full of blessings & challenges!

In Jan. we found out we were pregnant! Jay began working at Sleeping Giant bed & furniture store.
In February, Granny's house burned the first night of a week-long ice storm & Granny ended up in the hospital with an open-heart surgery. We had our first OB appt & sonogram & heard the baby's heartbeat Feb 10th! We also attended Financial Peace University & Jay got hired part-time at Sears as well as the bed store so we were both stressed & exhausted.

In March, I flew to Houston for a Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology conference, & signed up to be an Independent Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys.
In April, I co-hosted the first family holiday celebration at Virginia's house--Easter & V& Alyssa's bdays. Days later we found out were expecting a girl! 2011 is the year of babies! I can list 40+ friends & I who were/are pregnant this year! 

Weather-wise we skipped from Winter to Summer, below freezing temps to fires so out of control 22 states sent aid/firefighters; it was easily the hottest spring/summer on record & 1 was hugely pregnant!
In July, my parents,siblings, & I took a weekend minivacation to San Antonio while Jay went to work then came home & put finishing touches on Makaela's room.

In August, we had fun at our baby showers & my brother Kevin officially moved in with us. 
In September, I turned 28, Kevin turned 21, Jay's grandmother passed away, and on Sep 22, Makaela Renee was born! Jay & Virginia were with me & definitely a help! Jessica Pietsek also came to pray & provide moral support. My mom arrived the next day & I wouldn't have recovered as well as quickly as I did without her help Makaela's first 2 weeks. 

In October, Makaela took her first roadtrip to meet Granny & extended family & we were blessed with friends to bring dinners 3 nights a week while our world revolved only around our newborn. Jay has been hunting for a full-time job with benefits all year & while it's been stressful & means I had to go back to work, it was so nice to have him & Kevin around as much as they have been to help me these last 3 months & for Jay to be able to bond with Makaela! I don't know how others do it without so much support! I know I am richly blessed!

In November, Jay turned 30 & we found out Virginia would be deploying in Dec for 6 months to Honduras! We made a whirlwind trip to/from Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, driving up the night before with a midnight arrival & driving down again by 3pm Thanksgiving Day. 

In December, I went back to work, part-time & Kevin babysat 2 days, Onkel Sven Gerner & Kimberly, Dad, & Chris (& Mom) flew down to meet Makaela & spend time with family. Jay worked Christmas Eve 6:30am-2:30pm so Makaela & I took pictures in the falling snow, listened to Christmas hymns by the tree & fought stuffy noses. Makaela & I visited Rachel & Hannah Reese for a couple hours until David Reese & Jay got off work, & then we came home & had a quiet cozy evening, watching Miracle on 34th St. & our wedding video as we exchanged 4th anniversary gifts--finally got that shutterfly wedding album done!
Today we went to First Baptist Church for their Christmas Morning service & family arrives this afternoon...then gifts & crockpot bbq pulled pork Christmas dinner! Merry Christmas everyone! Mele Kalikimaka!