Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jay's first Father's Day

Well, we are 27 1/2 weeks along in the pregnancy so I am getting bigger (I have an album on facebook showing my growing belly; you can just copy & paste this address to your address bar on your internet:  

) & it is HOT, HOT, HOT! over a week of 100+F weather every single day...ugh. Makaela is kicking up a storm, moving at least a little all throughout the day :) We start our childbirth classes July 7, every Thursday at the hospital for 3 weeks.   

Jay had a really good first Father's Day I think. He didn't have to work (YAY!) I gave him a card from me with a card "from Makaela" tucked inside. Then he got a stainlees steel desktop coffee mug with lid & some Philadelphia Eagles (his favorite football team) baby sleeper outfits & a 3 pound bag of Mike'N'Ike candies that he shared with Kevin & me. We went to church after buying donut holes for our Sunday school class & egg,bacon, & cheese croissant sandwiches for the Dads in our class. Then we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a bunch of our friends. We came home & he tinkered around in his workshop/garage until time for our Lifegroup. He played bocce ball outside with the guys, then they came inside & we discussed the service, announcements & shared prayer requests. We came home from that & now he is cleaning up the mess he made in the garage :) & playing with the dog & two kittens we rescued even though we are BOTH allergic & we are expecting a baby (but they live in the garage with Linus, our dog, & play in the backyard where--after taking our antihistamines--we can enjoy them for short periods of time then wash up when we come inside).

More good news!
My family (meaning Mom, Dad, Virginia, Chris, Kevin, Kimberly, & I) haven't been on a family trip since the summer of 2003! Kimberly is 17! She was NINE the last time! Wow. Kevin is an RA in Nix Hall this summer while taking summer school classes so we didn't think he would be able to go with us, but he found out today he can! Mom, Dad, Kim, & Chris are at Virginia's house in OK & they are headed down to Abilene Wednesday after Virginia's physical therapy from her knee surgery. We will all leave Thursday after Kevin gets off his work shift & come back by Sat evening. The thing is...we still don't know where we're going! :P

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