Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally, a blog update!

Wow! Makaela is a month old! She’s so big! I weighed her & myself & then subtracted my weight to get hers. She’s almost 11lbs! I should get out a tape measure to measure how long she is at her next diaper change (she likes to fully extend her legs at these times). 

I don’t want to jinx myself, but we’ve been seeing a pattern with her nighttime sleeping; she likes to be fully awake & play from about 11pm or 12am until 2am. But then, she’s usually out from 2:10am until anywhere between 5:30-6:30am. As long as I also get a night nap (last night was awesome from 9:45-11:45pm!), and can get her back to sleep after the 5:30am feeding, I feel pretty good J although I’m usually hoping for a nap in the afternoon—sometimes I take it while she’s down, sometimes I’m trying to get laundry, dishes, the rare dinner? done or  shower or photos edited & uploaded, etc. Today, it’s finally “blog day.”

I am SO proud of her! Not only is she a good sleeper, Makaela has been making sounds & real smiles in response to people (not just falling-asleep or I-have-gas ones) & working on holding her head up since before my mom left (2.5 weeks old)!

Saturday, 10/22/11, was a day of firsts! It was the first morning I set my alarm to get us out of the house by a certain time other than her 1 week old Dr apt. It was also the first time Makaela & I went out of the house for more than 1.5 hours and the first time taking her anywhere by myself. Saturday was the first homecoming Speech-Path Breakfast [8:30-9am] & EPiA Alumni Tea [9-9:30am] I attended with a child/baby.  The I Am Your Child conference at ACU [10:30am-4:45pm] was the first event I attended as a Discovery Toys Consultant/vendor, and the first time I nursed in public (I was behind the wall of crates of toys & had my huge nursing drape on), not to mention my first time changing her in a public restroom—and of course there was no changing station. That night, the 50th anniversary of SING!, in which my brother Kevin performed with the ITS group, was the first time I left Makaela; she stayed at home with Daddy. Jay’s friend, Joel, brought his son over & they watched the Rangers in the World Series.

Makaela’s 1 month (& 1st professional) photo shoot will be next week Sunday. I am hoping to get our Christmas card family photo from this shoot but her baby acne is still pretty bad & worse, I still have nothing to wear! Nothing suitable for a family photo anyway; I literally have 2 nursing tops that fit (bought one last weekend), one pair maternity jean capri (a little baggy now—what a nice feeling for a change!), 2 pairs of yoga capri, one pair of red “fitted” sweatpants, one sleeveless nightgown I wear as nightgown & nursing-friendly housedress, and one swimsuit cover-up that also works as a nursing-friendly housedress. Well, I do need to go to Target to get some baby things, number one of course being diapers… J

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