Tuesday, May 10, 2011

iPhone Notes pregnancy journal

2/1/11: 4 weeks after finding out,  my heart still does this somersault-feeling thing when I just THINK about telling anyone (immediate family already knows). I have my first appt with Dr. Whitney Mascarro (not her Nurse Practitioner) on 2/10/11 @ 2:30pm. Baby heart rate: 186 bpm

I've lived with headaches from allergies, sinus, stress, you name it, off & on most of my life, but they weren't migraines. I had migraines every day from 1/20/11 until 2/10/11. I started a new nosespray, got off Sudafed, & started taking a Rx for when I had a migraine so they were managable through the rest of February. Migraines returned with a vengence the first week of March, after my Rx had run out. Back on migraine meds.

Week 10: I have always loved cheese & gotten plenty of dairy but I think this is my first craving--I feel like I can't get enough Sargenta String Cheese &  Mini Babybel original. I've only been REALLY queasy & that was from Day 1 of Week 7 until yesterday, the end of Week 9; now the nausea is mostly when I'm in the car or get too warm. I've been mainly on cheese & ritz crackers, my slimfast shake (for the extra nutrients because I have so many allergies including foods--NOT for weight loss) & pepperoni pizza at least once a week (another thing I never could resist before being pregnant).

13 weeks: baby heart rate: 164bpm

3/31/11: People have been asking so I tried laying REALLY still for a while with my hands spread out over my belly & I felt the baby move (inside)!

4/1/11-4/3/11: got to see my Mom! She helped Chris drive down from Portland to live with V for the summer. Starting to research carseats, strollers, etc.

4/7/11: I was working & outside at a playground when my stomach started feeling funny; I suddenly felt sweaty & weak & my vision got shadowy & shaky & my heart seemed to be pounding so loudly. I walked to a bench and propped up one leg next to me, the other still on the ground to keep me balanced, while I prayed I would not faint. I didn't & eventually felt better though the headache stayed. I have been careful to stayed extrahydrated & eat a snack so my stomach is never on "empty." I talked with my mom, called the Dr, then called a friend & sorority sister who is a Labor & Delivery Nurse. It took the Dr-on-call more than 5 hours later to call me back. After asking several questions, she determined I had severe sinus problems (my thoughts were, 'well I could've told you that years ago!'). She said it was safe for me to begin sudafed again so I picked some up that night & though I've needed tylenol on some days, I haven't used the migraine meds since! 

4/12/11: baby heart rate 150s bpm

4/13/11: noticed my first stretch marks :( lol
4/15/11, 12:25am: first time I'm SURE I felt baby kick without trying to feel it!
4/19/11, 11:30ish: more flutter kicks
4/21/11, 8:14-8:24 felt 2 kicks w/in 10 minutes. 11:09pm-golly! there's 3 more close together! 
4/24/11 3:35am: Yow! those ligaments are loosening up! It seriously felt like someone standing next to my bed just jabbed me in the left side of my stomach. 
4/26/11: another painful kick or loose ligament as I got ready for work this morning. After the part about the Actual Delivery, I'm most nervous about bathing & breastfeeding my newborn--2 major things I've never done before.

4/27/11, 20 weeks: Ultrasound with Dr. Maberry: 155bpm, 12 oz, 10 in., "everything looks perfect...definitely a GIRL!" I should note that before today, Jay had a total of 5 dreams that we' were having a little girl! The first one came while we were still living in the dorms but we had been talking about when to start a family. We had a short conversation discussing names at Cracker Barrell shortly a few days after finding out. Basically, in less time than it takes me to look over the menu & decide what to order, we had a girl's name picked & a very narrowed boy's name list! We agreed not to share names right away.

5/4/11, my dad's bday: Makaela's been moving around all day!

5/6/11: I came home to find the house clean & a gift bag & card on the bed from Jay. Inside the giftbag was the Home figurine from Willow Tree & a Winnie the Pooh baby book along with a Little Princess photo album. Both books had Makaela's 20 weeks U/S photo up front.

5/8/11: My First Mother's Day with a baby inside me! Several people wished me a Happy Mother's Day & I got to spend it in Oklahoma with my Granny, some aunts, uncles, cousins & their children, & my sister Virginia!

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