Monday, May 9, 2011

We're joining the blogging community, because we're having a Baby!

So, I finally took the bait. I started a blog because we're having a baby! We are just SO excited & I don't think Facebook statuses will be enough, plus several family members & friends of family are not on Facebook & this will be easier for them to stay updated than me remembering to send them an email for Facebook Notes. 

It still feels weird to write it out, but I kept reading about starting a pregnancy journal, and being a scrapbooker & bookworm, I kind of started one by writing in my iPhone Notes.

Jay asked almost every day; finally on January 11, 2011, I agreed we could take another test, THE test. At about 7:15am, the home test showed 2 pink lines...+baby! Jay was getting dressed for work & though I had thought about different ways to surprise him with the news, I was just too excited! I called him to the hallway by the bathroom & showed it to him, asking what he saw. He said "2 lines--" I interrupted him with, "I see a baby!" We laughed, we hugged; Jay did a little dance. I set the test down and just stared at it for awhile, realizing our dream was really coming true, yet still not wanting to believe it just yet. I don't really know why I chose a week, but on January 17, 2011, I took the second test  (a different brand) and it also showed 2 pink lines, confirming a BABY was on the way!

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